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Video pieces-to-camera with full sincerity

The Only Teleprompter With The Saccade Scroll

The technology that runs inside the Q Box of the Otto Q teleprompter is Sub@omic's own saccade scroll.

Otto Q saccade scroll

How Do Your Eyes Read?

When you read, your eyes do not scan a line of text in a smooth, continuous pass. Instead, your eyes jump from one cluster of letters to fixate upon another cluster, in a well-documented movement that's known as a saccade.

Zero Eye Movement

Otto Q advances the words of your video script in a calculated manner. Our saccade scroll simulates the jumps made by your eyes when reading. This means that any script, scrolling through the Q Box, does so in a way that eliminates eye movement.

The videos you shoot with Otto Q will possess a level of sincerity unmatched by traditional teleprompters. People who watch your pieces-to-camera will believe you're looking at them and be unaware that what you're actually doing is reading your script.