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Deliver pieces-to-camera with complete sincerity

Hello! And welcome to Otto Q - a teleprompter for your iOS device. Right now, you're looking at a Q Box, a frame through which the words of a video script may comfortably scroll. Otto places a Q Box over the video preview screen of your iPhone or your iPad as you video yourself delivering a piece-to-camera. Because you are able to position the Q Box as close to your front-facing camera as possible, your audience will believe that you are looking directly at them. When, in fact, you are actually looking at the Q Box and reading your script. The unbelievably small size of the Q Box (that employs our unique saccade-scroll technology) eliminates eye-movement and enables you to perform to camera with every bit of conviction and sincerity you possess.

Download Otto Q for iOS from the App Store

Capture the Sincerity of Your Pieces-to-Camera

Otto Q is a teleprompter for your iPhone and iPad - an iOS app for the simultaneous performance and recording of commercial, social and artistic spoken-word communication.

Unlike traditional teleprompters and teleprompt mobile apps, Otto reformats the characters of a video script to form a queue and scrolls the script across the screen in a horizontal direction. Every word of the script passes through the Q Box, a customisable frame that reveals the words to be spoken using our inventive saccade-scroll technology.

Otto Q Box saccade scroll

Eliminates Eye Movement 👀

Otto Q reveals a video script inside a Q Box that's manually positioned as close to the front-facing (selfie) camera as possible. The combination of saccade-scroll, the astoundingly small size of the Q Box and its proximity to the camera means that the Anchor's eye movement is eliminated. The video viewer will never know that the Anchor is reading from a teleprompted script!

Otto Q teleprompter eliminates eye movement video

Prompts with Emoji 😲

Otto Q introduces Emojicom - an ability to flash any Emoji on the display screen of your iPad or iPhone to remind the Anchor to smile, to relax, to breathe, to change gear, to get up and walk across the studio or performance space. The emoji appears in the Anchor's peripheral vision and never gets in the way of the scrolling script.

Breaks the Fourth Wall - Make Genuine Eye Contact 👀

The strength of Otto Q's videos is the teleprompting app's ability to control pace - allowing you to explore the dynamics of and find the space within the words you've written. Anchors present with all the sincerity and conviction that comes from the confidence of never being lost for words and performing safe in the knowledge of the engagement that will come from looking right down the camera lens.

Doubles Your Presenting Capacity with Twin Anchors - Go 2UP 👥

Why produce video with just the one person speaking to-camera? Otto Q gives you the control to present pieces-to-camera with two Anchors. Isn't that Right Sharon? - Yes, it is Steve! Switch-on the Twin Anchors setting and Otto Q allows you to set two separate Q Box positions and sizes. Insert a 👥 emoji into your video script to make the Q Box switch from the 1UP position for Anchor one to the 2UP position for Anchor two. Insert the 👤 emoji to switch back to 1UP again.

5 minute quick start guide for Otto Q