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App Privacy Notice

Otto Q ["the app"] does not access a user's personal data and does not monitor users' activity. The user is not required or requested to login to the app or to any third party service.

Once Otto Q has been downloaded to an iPhone or iPad, the iOS teleprompt app will work without any Internet connection. Otto Q does not rely on any external code or data to run. The app serves no adverts. The app is purchased with a one-time payment and requires no ongoing subscription.

Otto Q will request the user's consent to access the device's microphone and camera. The camera and microphone are only switched-on when the user chooses to switch from 'play' to 'record' mode. iOS 14 introduced a green/orange dot into the status bar to confirm and signify when the camera/microphone are being accessed by an app.

The app will need to save video to the iOS device's photo library and so will also request the user's permission to write video to the device. The app does not require or request read access to any media stored on the iOS device.

Otto Q has been developed so that the iOS teleprompter app maintains state between sessions by storing the unencrypted text entered as well as remembering the sizing, positioning and scroll speed of the Q Box. To be clear: absolutely no personal data is required, requested, managed or stored by the app.

The app has been wholly developed by Sub@omic Limited, a company Registered in England & Wales with the company registration number: 5712155. Registered Office: Old Batford Mill, Lower Luton Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 5BZ